Last Post With Linux

27 Dec

This is the last article that I will be posting from my Linux – Ubuntu 10.10 OS…It was such a great experience in terms of the genereal user interface as I used to have Windows Vista on my Dell inspiron 1525

and after using Windows Vista for almost 2years I thought it was about time to switch to something different..getting a mac book for e.g….I was reading an article on about Linux Ubuntu getting a major realease which was 10.4 and I stopped at the article and looks the pic and I noticed the elegance of the OS and simpleness compared to Vista where it is all glassy and semi transparent..After spending a quite time searching on the internet about Linux I was amazed that it was free! And an open source project too! I own an android phone and so it was kinda shocking to know the co-existance of a free PC OS and so I went to find the best Linux Distribution and after searching on Youtube I made up my mind and installed Ubuntu 10.4 on my PC…Things were great and it was able to load and shut down my PC much faster than windows..It was able to turn my pc in only 3 seconds where I had to wait for alomst 20sec on my PC before it would be able to load Vista… Ubuntu 10.4 did have great animations and windows transitions snd my favourite one is the 3D cube where you can switch around the desktop like a 3D cube…I wasnt satisfied with it and so went over and tried other distrobutions from Linux like Linux Mint and Linux Open Suse, however I reached to a conclusion that Ubuntu is the most popular one for the first Linux user and the most friendly and appealing to the first-time user so I switched back to Ubuntu and there was a newer version which was the 10.10 (which I am using right now)….Just a note, during all my installation process of Linux I have been installing it along side with Windows (Dual Boot) in the second partition of the hard Disk…

ADVANTAGES-from what I have experienced-:

  • It is a free open source OS
  • It has a great community support which includes contributors, developers and consumers (over 2million members)
  • Very elegant and simple user interface compared to Windows
  • Has a wide verity of animations and windows transition to make it more fancy and appealing
  • Supports themes
  • Many free applications that can be accessed from the Synaptic Package Manager OR The Ubuntu Software Centre in the Settings Menu
  • It has OpenOffice built-in
  • It has native socializing features built-in the Ubuntu specifically which ensures that you connected 24/7 with your social network people whether they are on Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo,Google,MSN,AOL,AIM etc….
  • It has a better disk management than Windows where Windows cant detect EXT storage nore SWAP But only NTFS/NTF/FAT but Linux is able to detect them all and manage them
  • It can run windows .exe applications using Wine – a program for Linux developed by Google – to run .exe on Linux but not all .exe will run on Linux though.
  • It delivers updates that include Security Updates and Performance Enhancement to the PC on regular basis

CONSIQUENCES-from what i have experienced-:

  • It has some inconsistent functions for e.g. when going to use some applications that require Administrator  Permission, it only allows one application at a time compared to Windows where you can run many apps that require Administrator Permission in the background or one after the other.
  • I had to install Ubuntu around  10.10 3times at the first time when I tried it because I made many mistakes when applying specific partition size for file system where by a mistake I set the SWAP size 1GB!!!! and there was no EXT4 file system!As I went to set it to EXT2 instead thinking of it like an Android Linux based system!
  • I had to SEARCH ALOT! and read so many threads trying to find answers to what I am facing in terms of functionality and also about Ubuntu Proper Disk Partitioning and installation when kinda paid off at the end
  • I did experience problems when updating my linux where I often get an error saying : the repository cant be found which is due to problems in the installation of the linux form the first place or due to connection error, either ways I had to install it 3 times untill it stopped giving me the error as I went to install linux and leave the PC for about an hour then come back and start configuring it as interrupting the installation by clicking on files here and there cant cause the PC future problems are system files and repositories will go missing by this interruption
  • Native Software applications dont support it unfortunately, for example you wont see iTunes, Safari running,zune or Windows Media Player running on Linux and other proprietary applications like on Windows, and in my case I own a Samsung Spica (android) which the only way to install firmwares is by using an application called Odin and it only works on Windows, however Wine is able to run it but when I plug in my phone using the usb cable, it doesnt get detected! and so Wine in this situation become kinda useless and i will end up restarting to boot menu and starting Windows just to flash my phone which can be such a frustration over the time.


  • Linux Ubuntu is a great OS to experience coming from a Windows Or Mac User if so and I will include at the bottom links to install the OS the right way for anyone interested.
  • Everything about Linux is again FREE and so having it as an alternative to Windows OS doesnt make me really miss using Windows
  • Linux is the door to let you experience alternatives of native or commonly used application and ways of doing things like the built-in social client instead of using Windows live messenger and no need to go to facebook because updates will be pushed right to your desktop
  • Linux isnt for Dummies…lol it isnt Windows! there is a book called Windows For Dummies but there isnt for Linux though…You might have to learn more about it in the Ubuntu Customer Support Site to have an idea of the OS before digging in the features…
  • LASTLY the Linux OS has a special function/access called SU or SuperUser/Root access which is also knows in Android which might cause a confusion to Users coming from Windows,but however the user will need to be aware of what features or functions he is accessing as a SuperUser and so it is recommended that the user gets the quite knowledge needed to use these functions in order to handle the PC and its task efficiently(by spending sometime in the Ubuntu Community Support site or searching on it on the web)…

After this post i will be switching back to fully Windows since the Dual Boot of Linux and Windows gives me a headache and all because of Odin and constant moving of firmwares between drivers(Linux drvier and Windows Driver)!!! ;(  If only Wine could support the windows drivers needed to detect the phone I wonldnt think of turning back to Windows, however switching between OS on the Duel Boot isnt cool as well…BUT you can get the chance if you will to try Ubuntu and experience Linux if you dont own an annoying phone like me where there link are here:

ENJOY !!!!


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26 Dec

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